End Compliance Uncertainty

12 PM GMT | 10th December, 2020

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Exclusive Webinar:

Five Items on Every CxO’s Checklist for 2021

Complying in a new era of dispersed workforces, where conversations are occurring across multiple networks, platforms and devices, is a major challenge for Financial Service firms going into 2021 and beyond.

Register for our webinar to discover the playbook that leading financial services firms are following to ensure regulatory compliance in 2021.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve compliant and secure communications across a remote workforce and all customer touchpoints.
  • Meet Know Your Customer mandates no matter the customer’s communication vehicle of choice.
  • Use innovations such as AI-driven automation to rapidly respond to increasing regulatory demands.

   About Dubber

Dubber, the worlds #1 Unified Call Recording Solution powered by the world's first Voice Intelligence Cloud & AI, enables customers to address critical compliance mandates, improve sales and service performance, and unlock the possibilities contained within voice data. Dubber lives in the Cloud, so can be switched on with a click and is infinitely scalable. Every call is captured automatically, enriched with AI, and available instantly as a replay or insightful transcription, with real-time search, alerts & notifications.

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