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12 PM AEDT | 10th December, 2020

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Join our webinar and discover the comprehensive approach to achieving compliance when everyone is working from home. 

You’ll learn:

  • What your call recording compliance requirements are, and how unified call recording helps you to cost effectively address them
  • How to compliantly deploy collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more and how to choose a call recording solution that won’t leave you at risk
  • How to create fully compliant voice data sets that can be used to drive continuous compliance and automation
  • How to reduce compliance operation costs and accelerate investigations
  • How to utilise Voice AI to efficiently monitor every conversation in the business and identify fraud risk


Who should attend:

This webinar is tailored for risk and compliance officers, business leaders, communications and IT executives



Andy Lark

Fintech Expert & Chief Customer Officer, Dubber

Former Chief Marketing & Digital Officer Commonwealth Bank and advisor to leading financial institutions worldwide. Today Andy leads digital and marketing for Dubber, working with financial services institutions and regulators worldwide to drive continuous compliance through unified call recording and voice data.

Nick Atkin

Head of Solution Architecture, Dubber

In his role as Head of Solutions Architecture at Dubber, Nick develops and implements compliant unified communications and voice AI solutions for customers globally in a variety of industries including FSI, healthcare, and government. He is also involved in the development of innovative voice data technologies, and new compliance capabilities for FSI customers.

   About Dubber

Dubber, the worlds #1 Unified Call Recording Solution powered by the world's first Voice Intelligence Cloud & AI, enables customers to address critical compliance mandates, improve sales and service performance, and unlock the possibilities contained within voice data. Dubber lives in the Cloud, so can be switched on with a click and is infinitely scalable. Every call is captured automatically, enriched with AI, and available instantly as a replay or insightful transcription, with real-time search, alerts & notifications.


   About Movius

Movius is the leading global provider in cloud-based secure mobile communications software, helping enterprises deliver better engagement for their clients. Enterprises around the world use the company’s all-in-one mobility platform to connect with their customers in more convenient, cost-effective and compliant ways. The platform offers an easy way to extend and integrate voice, text, and messaging services into other systems, like CRM or collaboration tools. 


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